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Luton Pubs & Restaurants & Nightlife

Luton is great for eating out. It has everything from swanky and stylish restaurants, to mobile kebab vans, to comfortable urban style 'hang out' places. Alternatively for up market Indian there's Indian Tandoori Garden and Blossom Garden. Aside from these there are a number of other Italian, French and English eateries. Not to mention the usual fast food outlets.


Luton Restaurants

Nandos-Galaxy Centre
A South African restaurant that specialises in Peri-Peri (A very spicy chilli from southern Africa sometimes called Piri-Piri) chicken. It's Portuguese theme is inspired from colonials in Africa. The restaurant is spacious and decorated in warn terra-cotta. It has a pub style self order system which means no waiting about to be served!

Thai Square
Premier UK restaurant group, Thai Square, offers a selection of more than 1,000 meticulously selected authentic dishes in each of its popular restaurants. Competitively priced, its traditional and contemporary menus are low in fat and high in nutrients.


Luton Pubs & Nightlife

The Railway Tavern
This pub is close to the railway station, its a very friendly local pub but we all like to welcome new editions!! Friday Night discos and karaoke are a regular thing, we have been known to have entertainment along the lines of stars in their eyes winner Andy Paka Meatloaf!

Blue Note
Newly opened Club Blue Note is a Jazz cafe in the daytime and a live music venue in the evening, serving delicious food and alcoholic beverages. They are located above Well Space Gym on Wigmore Lane.